Putting The Pars and other clubs on an even keel.

zaradunfermlineThis last year has been a turbulent times for Dunfermline Athletic fans. Together with other clubs in Fife and central Scotland, the Pars have been hit by a perfect storm of financial mismanagement, an unsustainable league structure and bigger clubs not paying their fair share.

The Scottish Greens have ambitious plans to support communities and supporters trusts taking ownership of their local sports teams and saving them from bankruptcy using powers the Scottish Parliament already has. By bringing more and more clubs into community hands we can make sure that clubs like Dunfermline are given a sustainable future and can work as a force in the community instead of being in the receiving end of irresponsible owners’ poor judgement.

This Saturday Zara was at Dunfermline’s thumping 5-1 league victory and chatted to fans and members of the Pars United supporters movement about how we can safeguard the future of locally-owned football. With a Green MSP we could put pressure on the other parties in the Scottish parliament to take community sport ownership seriously.


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