Zara pushes SNP and Labour to move beyond bedroom tax.

zarabedroomtaxThe bedroom tax, referred to by the Tories and Liberal Democrats as the ‘Spare Room Subsidy’, is one of the most short-sighted and cruel measures ever dreamed up in Westminster. Greens have consistently opposed this regressive policy in the Scottish Parliament and through our English colleagues in London.

What’s more, the Scottish Greens have an alternative vision for a welfare and housing system in Scotland that would end the culture of blaming unemployed or vulnerable people and institute measures to help people back into work instead of punishing them.

Opposition to the bedroom tax is evident from talking to people on the street. In just a few hours in Dunfermline town centre Zara collected more than a hundred signatures from local residents opposed to the policy. Many were also frustrated by the way in which the policy is being used as a political football by Labour and the SNP to score points when neither has a vision for creating a better housing policy and creating the kind of quality jobs needed to move people off of benefits in the first place.


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