cropped-zara6.jpgAs the campaign goes on it is becoming more and more evident that this will be a hard fought election between all five Holyrood parties. This also means that it will be winnable for any one of them, and that is why we need your help to make sure that Dunfermline gets an MSP who will provide the spark Dunfermline needs at home and in Holyrood.

Unlike other parties in Scotland, the Greens receive no donations from big business and we rely on an army of volunteers to support Zara. That is where you come in. If you think you could lend a hand delivering leaflets, talking to voters or assisting behind the scenes then get in touch. We have tonnes of events coming up between now and election day, so let us know how you want to help and when suits you.

You can contact us through facebook or on twitter @ZaraKitson. You can also email to find out more. Get in touch and join in what is a momentous, potentially ground breaking campaign!


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