TV debate shows real agendas

zaraThere are now only four days to go until polling day in Dunfermline and the headlines have been dominated by the SNP and Labour arguing over who has done what in the past.

The fact of the matter is both of them seem more obsessed with beating one another than coming up with any kind of coherent vision for the constituency.

On tonight’s Newsnight Scotland debate Zara will line up alongside the candidates for the four other Holyrood parties and the candidate from the unrepresented United Kingdom Independence Party to talk about her vision for Dunfermline.

The truth of the situation is that Labour accuse the SNP of cuts in Edinburgh and the SNP accuse Labour of the same at council level without any real vision as to the way forward.

Both parties shout about removing bridge tolls in Fife, but what they do not mention is that the money they use to do so leads directly to Dunfermline, and particularly its outlying villages and suburbs, having one of the worst public transport services of any comparable town or city in Scotland.

The Greens however would campaign for and negotiate with the Scottish Government for Dunfermline to become a model small city, building on the assets Dunfermline already has to develop education, transport, childcare and health.

What is more, the Greens would free up money to local councils to support schools and local healthcare by replacing the council tax freeze with a free home insulation scheme. This would save people more money year on year than any tax freeze and mean that we could afford to soften the blow of the Westminster Bedroom Tax.

Green politics is about creating a better future for all of us. None of the three right-wing parties in Dunfermline appear to be capable of doing so, whilst Labour and the SNP are too busy fighting with each other to think seriously about what is best for the area. Zara’s appearance alongside the other candidates on Newsnight Scotland on BBC 2 at 10.30 this evening (Mon) is a chance to show people that she and the Scottish Green Party mean business.


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