Kitson on the Grangemouth crisis

The Scottish Greens have been clear that the continuing treatment of staff in Grangemouth by Ineos management is reprehensible. On Newsnight Scotland, while other candidates spoke vaguely of getting everybody ’round the table’, Zara was the dissenting voice who put the importance of people’s livelihoods ahead of vested interests.

Our political representatives cannot sit idly by and allow a culture of union-busting and industrial blackmail to further develop in Scotland. With Zara Kitson, you can be sure that you will have an MSP who truly backs the cause of the workers in Dunfermline and elsewhere and appreciates the bigger picture they operate within, as opposed to looking for a comfortable life as a career politician without the heart to do what’s right.

Zara said: “I support Unite and other trade unions as they fight for workers’ rights during a period of extreme intimidation and abuse of power, and I echo Green MSP, Patrick Harvie’s sentiments on the subject of Grangemouth that we must reject this unacceptable corporate bully culture.”

Patrick said: “Establishing a new economic model that protects workers and the environment has never been more important. Ineos claim to believe in new ways of doing things and empowering workers, so let’s see some pressure from ministers to deliver that change.”

If elected, Zara is clear that while building towards a community-owned renewables future it will be vital that she, and all in parliament, support and protect those trying to feed their families in the present by standing together in solidarity with those facing hardship or uncertain futures because of disempowerment and corporate greed.

Zara said: “As well as the immediate concern of these affected workers, this issue highlights the importance of bringing our industries under local control. Where necessary this would include securing national public ownership of such things as the postal service and the NHS, and as far as possible should include empowering communities throughout Scotland.

“We must place real control over the production of our needs as a society directly in the hands of the people living with the consequences of action. This includes removing the burden of exploitative conglomerate control of energy production from all local communities.”

The Scottish Green Party’s vision for the future of Scotland sees our communities working together to create the efficient, sustainable homes and transport that would be fit for purpose in an era of responsible energy production and consumption. We cannot simply wait for the benevolence of tycoons, or even governments, to provide for our energy needs, the people of Scotland can seize the opportunity to take control of our own destiny.


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