Thankyou all

Zara, everyogreens2-300x300ne in her campaign team and everyone in the Scottish Greens would like to say thank you to the people of Dunfermline for their support on both the doorsteps and at the polling booth.

This by-election campaign has been a wonderful journey on which we have forged new and lasting friendships with people from all walks of life. We have shown that Green politics has something to offer Fife and Scotland at a time when our two biggest parties seem to lack imagination and are obsessed with populist politics.

On only a fraction of the budget of the mainstream political parties and without donations from big business or trade unions, the Greens argued for a different kind of vision for Dunfermline. Yesterday’s result shows that progress was made as we won over new supporters and showed that we can compete on a level with the other parties in the Scottish Parliament.

Getting here has involved a huge amount of effort by people  working around the clock and in their spare time to make it happen. Everyone in Zara’s campaign team feels privileged to have worked in support of such an outstanding ambassador for Green politics in Scotland, and we hope to be back in 2016 to give Dunfermline a Green voice in the Scottish parliament.

We could not have done any of it without the voters in Dunfermline who dared to be different and embrace the Green vision for the town, and we want Dunfermline to know that it does not stop here. Thankyou for your support, and thankyou for being with us as we make a small step toward a more modern, fairer and sustainable Scotland.

Zara Kitson, Patrick Harvie MSP, Alison Johnstone MSP, the rest of the Dunfermline campaign team, Fife Green Party and the members of the Scottish Green Party.


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