Hello 2014, Hello Scotland, Hello World…

IMG_1254This site has undergone a wee makeover in time for 2014…possibly the most important year for me (for us all!) yet, as an activist, and as a human being dancing at the edge of our crazy, amazing planet.

All of the articles that have come before now are related to my Dunfermline by-election campaign, as the Green candidate. I’m keeping them here for perusing, but my forthcoming rantings will be wider than through a narrow, yet beautiful, green party political lens.

We are all more than the sum of our parts. I am more than the sum of my green parts!

This blog will take shape organically, creating as my thoughts and the world around us evolves and changes. Most of my typing’s will be about my current activist endeavors, from independence, to radical democracy, and gender issues.

Random banter may also ensue.

I hope to inform, inspire, and thoughtfully provoke, as I seek out learning and adventure, and play my way in to our collective future.

Join me… x


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