We should stay in the EU and protect its mission of freedom

THIS week we witnessed the people of Greece take a kicking from the Troika bullies. These representatives of a neoliberal status quo, which punishes citizens for the inevitable consequences of bankers’ irresponsibility and government complicity, have cast a dark cloud over Europe.

I, like many others, have begun scratching my head, searching for answers to the question facing us now – how do we achieve a fairer, sustainable future within this EU?

Thinking about the best route to take, ‘in’ or ‘out’, my compass is still firmly pointing toward membership of this social-political union. Not because I have no concerns or fears about the Troika forces of darkness and their capitalist brutality. I do.

But what remains greater than my fears are my hopes. I refuse to be forced into becoming the generation that lost Europe to the free-market consensus set by Cameron, Merkel, and the “pint in hand” ruse that is Farage.

Our exit would not be based on progressive criticism. It would be a victory for anti-immigrant, anti-worker, reactionary British nationalism, only serving to isolate us and poison our domestic politics.

As Mhairi Black MP pointed out in her maiden speech this week, referencing Tony Benn, “what we need right now are signposts, signposts which stand true and tall and principled”, setting the vision and direction for a better society.

I believe we can, and must be guided by the signpost of a better Europe. A Europe to foster hope, engagement and a future we can believe in. Read More in The National


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