zara kitson

‘Dreaming of a world that works for us all. Grafting to make it a reality…’

Zara is an activist, writer, dreamer and grafter, agitating for change in Scotland and beyond. Passionate about women’s issues, gender equality, youth participation, democracy,  and all things social and environmental justice. 

Born in Sunderland, Zara grew up in Fallin, an ex-mining village, near Stirling, home to Polmaise Pit – the first pit to strike – where her Grandad worked as a miner. Zara is from mining heritage on both sides, and connects her mining heritage to her fight for social justice, experiencing the poverty that many families faced after the decline of industry.

First in her family to go to University, Zara graduated from Glasgow University in 2007, and now lives in Glasgow with her partner Katherine, and their wee dog Amelia.

This year Zara was recognised as one of Scotland’s 30 inspiring women under 30.

CURRENT projects / roles

Co-author, Who If Not Us? – www.whoifnotus.eu/about-us
National Committee Member, Women for Independence  – www.womenforindependence.org
Executive Assistant, LGBT Youth Scotland – www.lgbtyouth.org.uk
Steward, So Say Scotland – www.sosayscotland.org
Director, Dream Graft (platform for freelance work)

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  3. Hello – I just noticed this. Good to hear from you. Likewise good to meet you too! Drop me an email – zara.kitson@scottishgreens.org.uk – be good to have your deets and keep in touch – would love to meet you and your Sagittarius wife for a pint in Sweden or Denmark! Cheers, Zara

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